In order to promote and strengthen employee’s potentials and thus the innovation capabilities of the 25 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Europe, a good and inspiring personnel training is required. Often, unattractive training formats as well as a lack of empathy on the part of company trainers cause a lack of interest in training among SME employees. Obviously, innovative approaches and tools for the design and implementation of company training are needed.

Nowadays, professional artists are successfully discovering new markets towards providing training services to companies (i.e. in personnel development) and are incrementally recognized as innovation drivers for other branches. THENOVA project also relied on the potentials of the creative industry and aimed at integrating performative and theater-based methods into the design and implementation of personnel training in SMEs.

THENOVA objectives

To boost skills and competences of SMEs trainers towards designing and delivering theater-based staff training;

To raise awareness of SMEs employees and managerial staff for theater-based training;

To diversify access to training services for SMEs trainers and Europe’s SMEs;

To promote cooperation between SMEs, training providers, and creative industries.


The main protagonists, internal and external SME trainers, first had to acquire innovative theater-based training techniques. For this purpose, THENOVA team developed a theater-based training program for SME trainers under the aegis of actors and dramaturges from the network RHENANIA. This program was tested with 12 trainers from THENOVA institutions in an intensive 5-day workshop, which was delivered by THENOVA partner RHENANIA, too.

In the next step, 12 trained SME trainers created their own theater-based training sessions, and delivered them to their clientele (personnel in SMEs).
Finally,  short scenes from the daily companies’ life were elaborated, recorded in front of camera and made available via YouTube to wider audience free of charge for the reuse, informal learning or further purposes.


  • improved professional and transversal competences of SMEs trainers and SME staff,
  • access to an innovative theater-based training program for SMEs trainers;
  • increased opportunities for work place learning and training for all,
  • modernization of training services for SME trainers and SME employees at regional, national and EU level,
  • improving companies’ performance and innovation potentials,
  • reinforcing cooperation between SMEs, creative industries, and training providers.

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