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NEWS / 4 APRIL 2023

Save the date: Multiplier Event in Germany

A special news for our German followers: on Friday, April 21, from 13:00 to 17:00 o’clock we cordially invite you to the final event of the THENOVA project! You will experience an exciting mix of classical contributions and unconventional interpretations all around the topic companies’ daily life. For more information, please see the invitation below, and feel free to forward it to your friends and colleagues.

The event is completely free of charge!

We look forward to your registrations until April 18 at  or directly by Mrs. Monika Pieper .

We wish you a happy Easter!

Your THENOVA team in Germany


December 12 -13: Transnational partner meeting in Poland

Shortly before the Christmas holidays, the THENOVA team conducted the 5th transnational partner meeting in lovely Lublin, which is the residence of our Polish project partner PAIZ Konsulting. We spent two very intensive and fruitful days to exchange about our recent achievements and to fix the actions we need to perform until the project’s end.

With a portion of pride, the partners talked about the feedback from staff members from companies who took part in the pilot theater-based training sessions offered by the trained THENOVA trainers. Despite of the global anxiety, energy crisis, and pandemics, the partners managed to implement 22 training sessions using disruptive theater-based methods, and to reach about 180 participants across Germany, Austria, Greece and Poland so far. The topics of the training courses were basically dedicated to the successful performance at workplace, such as conflict management, intergenerational communication, setting goals, giving and receiving feedback, overcoming stage fright, and many others. The training participants highlighted a very practical nature of these training sessions, their high level of interactivity, innovative exercises and the obligatory reflection round at the end of each training, which helped trainees elaborate their own strategies towards improving their behavior at workplace.

Another hot agenda topic dealt with the last preparations to the production of video-based tutorials. THENOVA partners exchanged their final ideas for the design and technical implementation of 30 scenes that dealt with topics all around the companies’ daily life. A real challenge that will require all of us to step out of the comfort zone! Follow our developments at Facebook and LinkedIn or subscribe to our YouTube channel to learn from our experience!

A big THANKS to our hosts Katarzyna, Barbara, and Artur for taking care of us during our stay as well as for the opportunity to experience Lublin in the beautiful winter aura! Christmas can come!


NEWS / 20 JULY 2022

July 14 - 15, 2022: Transnational partner meeting in Greece

Greece is well known as the birthplace of theatre – THENOVA project meeting there is a must! That’s why we immediately followed the invitation of our partner IDEC located in Piraues to conduct our next transnational partner meeting in sunny Greece.

As always, the partners were ready to work hard in a very informal and enjoyable atmosphere that accompanied the in-person meetings in this project. The discussions were dedicated to the exchange of experiences obtained by THENOVA trainers from the implementation of the first theater-based training sessions: what went particularly well? How to keep trainees’ attention during the entire training? How to intervene in case of loosing the group dynamics? This discussion was valuable for THENOVA partners who did not implement their training sessions yet.

At the same time, we talked about the effective strategies to design the next output, which is video-based Open Educational Resources. Partners shared their ideas about the storyboards for the videos, which are expected to be delivered by September 2022. To awake partners’ creativity, Gregor and Signe from Rhenania made a performance in front of camera helping understand the magic power of body expression.

 On the personal side, the surroundings, the atmosphere of the seaside as well as the sunset dinner made our meeting unforgettable!

See you next time in (hopefully) snowy Lublin!


Towards becoming artists: training week for THENOVA company trainers

It has finally happened: theatre-based training week for THENOVA company trainers! 12 attendees from THENOVA partner institutions met in person from October 11 to 15, 2021 in Cologne to benefit from the knowhow of professional artists from the actors’ network Rhenania. The goal of the 5-day intensive training was to equip participants with theater-based and performative techniques allowing them to create and deliver inspiring company training sessions.

To this end, Rhenania team designed and implemented a practical workshop week based on body contact, interaction and communication among trainees and instructors. The participants were trained in using self-awareness techniques, stepping into different roles, storytelling and improvisation methods, playing scenes, performing in front of camera – and all this in the context of company training.

A special highlight of the training week were trainees’ own performances on a real stage of the Metropol theatre in Cologne. THENOVA participants designed and performed their own scenes from everyday corporate life, such as team building, conflict management, communication or leadership. In addition, these performances were recorded by a professional cameraman. This increased the feeling of being actors and performers among the attendees ever!  

Each training day resulted in a reflection session, which helped understand the relationship between the performative methods and their application in a specific context.

The workshop week was highly appreciated by THENOVA trainers, who cannot await trying all the innovative techniques they learned when conducting their corporate training. At this point, once again a big thanks to the acting coaches Signe Zurmühlen, Frank Baumstark and Gregor Weber from the Rhenania network for their amazing and inspiring training concept.

The good news is: not only THENOVA trainers can benefit from the knowhow of the professional artists. All the practical exercises, enriched with some recordings of the training sessions, are currently being written down and will form the heart of the theatre-based training program for company trainers, which will be then made freely accessible to wider audience.


NEWS / 24 MARCH 2021

Unlocking potentials in times of lockdown: THE NOVA kickoff meeting

On December 8, 2020 THE NOVA partners met for the virtual kickoff! 6 partner institutions from Austria, Germany, Greece and Poland who are passionate trainers and teachers and professional performers talked about how theater-based training could foster innovation spirit in small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe. The highlights of the meeting were, in fact, short performances, which were integrated into the discussions by our partner Bayenwerft Kunsthaus Rhenania e.V.  – a perfect illustration and foretaste of what is to come!

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