The Results of the project

3 core outputs are expected to be produced as follows:


Theater-based training program for SMEs trainers

The training program will aim at enabling SMEs trainers to use theater-based techniques when designing and delivering their training sessions to companies’ employees. The contents of this train-the-trainer program will, on the one hand, be derived from the trainers’ needs analysis conducted at the beginning of the project. On the other hand, actors’ network RHENANIA will provide relevant inputs in terms of which theater and performance methods could be used by SMEs trainers and therefore be included to the program. The program will be then validated in terms of its pilot delivery to 15 SMEs trainers from participating THE NOVAinstitutions. Afterwards, the training program, including the delivery concept, will be made available to other training institutions for adoption and further use.


Theater-based training sessions for SMEs staff:

Trained SME trainers from THE NOVA partner institutions will design 25 theater-based training sessions dealing with different topics all around SMEs working and communication processes. Trainers will be free in selecting the topics, the challenge will be to design suitable training scenarios and deliver them to their clientele using theater and performance methods. Approx. 250 SMEs’ employees are expected to take part in these pilot theater-based training sessions.


Theater-based Open Educational Resources (OERs)

30 theater-based training sessions will be performed by trained trainers and RHENANIA staff in front of camera, recorded, edited, and made freely accessible to wider audience in terms of OER via THE NOVA YouTube channel. These OERs can be valorized in different ways: they can perfectly enrich the IO1 Theater-based training program and therefore facilitate the adoption of the program by other training institutions. Or they can be used as stand-alone learning resources by trainers, employees or even general public as they might increase the awareness of new social, political, and economical phenomena and therefore promote the active citizenship policy. As these OERs will be attributed to the CC-BY license, no limitations in their (re)use will be set.  

About the project

A Project for Theater-based training for supporting innovations in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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